Work with people who bring the lightning. Who can save a production two precious commodities: time and money. Location scouts, location managers and production services for movies, tv, commercial.  The whole Big Apple.

Location Scout Photo Galleries

New York City

3rd Avenue looking north from about E 48 St

NYC, The Big Apple. A to Z.  It's a B-I-G place. Your production needs may include: Production services.  A location scout.  A location manager.  Location services.  And locations.

Apartments. Brooklyn.  Cemeteries.  Clubs.  Houses.  Industrial. Lofts. Parks. Restaurants. Rooftops. Streets.   

And a lot in between, with as many variables as people.  Let's get busy! 

New York/New Jersey /Tri-state

A location scout photo from Rte. 218 Storm King looking east over the Hudson River

The NY, NJ and CT metro area is modest compared to, say, Utah.  Even so, productions in these parts--New York (Westchester, Nassau, Suffolk, Orange and Rockland Counties), and adjacent New Jersey and Connecticut--need an expert location scout and production services.

See The Files. But...I'm always ready to hit the road at dawn to scout new locations.


A location scout looking at Bridger Jack Mesa, just outside Canyonlands National Park near Dugout Ranch in Utah.

Taking my one-man movie location scout parade Way Out West to Utah, I roamed large areas of this great state for a screenplay I've written. 3300 miles of road. Here are a few  landscapes, ranches, byways and towns. The Utah Film Commission is a fine group to assist your production. And me too, of course!

Look at the options or call to get a location scout or location manager on the job.