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Whether on a new location mission, a current production whirl, a project just completed--catch up to it here. Photos, clients, updates and more. 

  • Nov. 17--wrapped the NYC metro phase of an infomercial for a new high tech home vacuum cleaner. Location: a lovely home in lovely Upper Nyack, NY.  Kudos and thanks to The Go Co / Convergence of Orlando/Miami/ NYC for a fine production.  
  • 12/3 and 12/4--helped to set up a small video shoot on for 360PM of Brooklyn and NYC, shooting for Vogue China. Location: a classic gourmand French bistro in Williamsburg.   



 Mark is my go-to guy when we need to find a location that's somehow unique or one-of-a-kind. Off the top of his head he knows what you're looking for, where the best options are located, and how to get it. - 

Sal Swan, Freelance Broadcast Production 

Just The FAQs


What are the requirements for a MOME shooting permit?  How long does it usually take for approval?  What are the costs for location scouting and/or management? Locations? Where can the production find a...?  Will I need police for...?  

There are many more questions.  I can answer most of them. 

We'll help each other make some magic.

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