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Kingart Pictures began as The Location Station in the New York City indie film scene of the late 1990s.  TLS scouted and managed full-time full-speed in this a-maze-ing cosmopolis.  A whimsical sign in a Manhattan shop summed its allure:

There's no place like this place anyplace-–so this must be the place! 

TLS assisted teams from U.S., U.K., Japan, and more.  Small indies, Hollywood armies, 3-man bands, big commercials. Producers, directors, DPs and photographers who called the shots for CBS, PBS, TNT, NBC, HBO, Canon, DHL, HSBC, Hyundai, Lexus, and more. Kingart Pictures is  

* Location Scout/Location Manager/Location Services

* Production Services/Management  

* Creative Content/Writer/Screenwriter/Producer

Grab some lightning! Call Mark McKennon @ 718.768.5539 to chat.  

King Arthur, a superstar of literature and legend, was a wise and valiant leader in a wild, rugged world. He had loyal and capable colleagues. And Excalibur. He lived in splendid Camelot, and went on many adventures



Some of Our Work

Mark McKennon was location scout and manager on the April 2017 video and photo shoot for the 2018 Lexus LS 500.  

Line producer: MHP Inc. of New York City.  Exec producer: Shuffle Inc. of Agua Dulce CA.  
Shoot dates were April 20-22 in Manhattan, including the Public Theater on Lafayette St. and on Park Ave.  

On April 28 the setting moved to Rte. 97 / Hawks Nest in Deerpark, NY. 

Perhaps it was Shakesepeare who said that a Technocrane, a drone and NYPD MTV and  State Police officers doth fine visuals make.

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